October 2022 to March 2023

NYCNI Workshop programme across primary and post primary schools in Northern Ireland

Portadown Open call evening for Boys Choir- 28th February 2023 (Millennium Court, William St, Portadown)

Belfast Open call evening for all auditionees- 2nd March 2023 (Malone Presbyterian Church Hall, Lisburn Rd, Belfast)

11-14 April 2023 NYCNI Girls Choir Belfast

12-14 April 2023 NYCNI Boys Choir Belfast

16-21 July 2023 NYCNI Junior Choir Summer Course

15-21 July 2023 NYCNI Training Choir Summer Course

22-28 July 2023 NYCNI Senior Summer Course

29-30 July 2023 NYCNI Junior Choir Performances