NYCNI Junior Choir registration is now open to all returning members. If you require an audition, please contact

Venue: Campbell College, Belfast

Dates: 16-21 July 2023

Non-Residential Course

Please provide emergency contact numbers for two people should you take ill. State your relationship to these people
If there are any other conditions you suffer from, whether medical or emotional, which may impact your enjoyment or participation of the course please provide details
Do you grant permission for photographs/videos to be taken of the above named and used by NYCNI for publicity/marketing purposes. Any media images/videos taken by NYCNI may also be used by a third party such as the Arts Council of Northern Ireland to promote the choir's events.
I confirm that I am accepting this offer and have fully completed the form required. I confirm that I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of NYCNI and to make payments for participation as set out in the letter of offer.
This performance is essential